Jessica Bartram Design & Illustration

I'm an illustrator and designer currently working on a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration (convenient, eh?). My work can be found here (illustration & art), or here (graphic design, mostly). Videos related to my work can be seen over on my Vimeo page

This is a blog on which process shots and final versions of both personal and school-prompted projects appear, as well as selected photographs (many from my phone - only the good ones, I promise).

If you have any questions/are interested in a commission for either art or design, please email me at jess [at] thecommonwealthstudio [dot] ca.

Storyboard assignment from Communication: Time, Motion & Media - full story/script is below, illustrated with a limited palette of watercolours. I’m exceptionally happy with how this turned out - it’s possibly my first really successful graphic novel-esque layout!

{Click to enlarge the storyboard & check out the details a bit better, or click here to see it really huge!}



I never meant to fall in love with her.

We met at work - I noticed her right away

her hair

her delicate hands

her beautiful smile

While I worked, I couldn’t think of anything but her. Even when she wasn’t there, I could feel her presence just over my shoulder.

She began to creep into my dreams, bringing the smell of the sea into my bed. I woke every morning with salt upon my lips.

Whenever I dove I wound up by her side, my work forgotten. Who could collect specimens with such a beauty nearby?

As the months went on, I began to forget the world outside my sun dappled sargasso forest. My work went untouched. I often forgot to eat.

Every night, the sea rocked me to sleep and whispered strangely while I slept, suggesting I join my darling beneath the water.

One morning I woke and walked to the railing. The rising sun had burned a path along the surface of the sea and its orange waves lapped at the side of the boat, telling me to follow.

One step. My dive suit left behind, I sank down through a conflagration of bubbles into the turquoise deep. 

Face to face with my love, I leaned in, grasped her hand, took a deep breath and.

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