Jessica Bartram Design & Illustration

I'm an illustrator and designer currently working on a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration (convenient, eh?). My work can be found here (illustration & art), or here (graphic design, mostly). Videos related to my work can be seen over on my Vimeo page

This is a blog on which process shots and final versions of both personal and school-prompted projects appear, as well as selected photographs (many from my phone - only the good ones, I promise).

If you have any questions/are interested in a commission for either art or design, please email me at jess [at] thecommonwealthstudio [dot] ca.

And as a companion to that post, a couple shots of the still life as it looks in reality. The first photo was taken during the day, so it’s not properly lit, and the second shows my glamourous working arrangement (sitting on a pillow on the floor. So fancy).

I was glad he suggested we have fun with the composition/setup of the scene - it allowed me to put, “build a rocket ship,” on my weekly to-do list. Always a good thing.

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