Jessica Bartram Design & Illustration

I'm an illustrator and designer currently working on a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration (convenient, eh?). My work can be found here (illustration & art), or here (graphic design, mostly). Videos related to my work can be seen over on my Vimeo page

This is a blog on which process shots and final versions of both personal and school-prompted projects appear, as well as selected photographs (many from my phone - only the good ones, I promise).

If you have any questions/are interested in a commission for either art or design, please email me at jess [at] thecommonwealthstudio [dot] ca.

Working on a secret project. And yes, moths, always & forever MOTHS.

I am back at my desk & about to start some art. It has been way, WAY too long, I know.

Time for another Georgian Bay nature update! While ogling dew-spangled spider webs this morning, I wound up face to face with this Cecropia Moth caterpillar. It’s pretty huge - just over an inch long - and incredibly chubby. I must remember to go out in a few days and see whether it has been replaced by a cocoon!

This summer we’ve been graced with a proliferation of sweet little frogs - tree frogs, I think - that suction-cup themselves to our windows at night in search of tasty bugs and often sun themselves on our porch during the day. As you can see, they also have little hidey-holes in the slightly rotten wood of the posts that hold up the railings, leading to adorable photos like the bottom one, with our wee friend snug as a bug in its little house.

Thus far, my time at the cottage has been quiet and taken up mostly by reading (I’ve gotten back into the saga that is the Outlander series), as the weather’s endless greyness, intermittent rain, and driving winds have made it difficult to leave the island (and unpleasant to leave the warm, woodstove-heated cottage). There is some art about to happen, but for now, please accept these two photos as proof of life / proof of the autumnal weather & my lovely pup’s snuggly ways.

Me & my silly pup will be off in the faraway(ish) land of rocks & water & weird westwards-bending trees (a.k.a. Cottageland) for the next two weeks. I plan to do ALL of the art, read every single book, and become a creature of intense relaxation. 

I can’t wait.

The result of some afternoon sketching / evening colouring & gif-making, in which some creatures consume the forest’s insect life, with fluttery-stomach results.


Oh hey!  I’m Canadian Artist of the Week!

And you too can be inspired by the he Canadian artist I admire!  Follow Jessica Bartram on tumblr, and be delighted by all of her work and creations.  And dog.

Not only is my super-talented friend Elija the Canadian Artist of the Week on Strombo’s website, he was kind enough to name-drop me as an artist he admires. I’ve got some pretty talented/fantastic friends, eh? 

I painted this eel party for a friend’s wedding gift (only almost-a-year late. Oops!). Makes me want to paint a few more eel-buddies like this.

Spent some time fiddling around with today’s monster sketches in Photoshop and ta-da! Some fun l’il creepy buddies!